Mount Everest’s Revised Height 8,848.86 meters

Mount Everest’s revised height is eight thousand eight hundred and forty eight point eight six made his call in China say jointly. Mount Everest is marginally higher than previously thought. According to a new joint Chinese Napoli calculation that settles a long running conflict over the height of the world’s tallest peak. Which straddles the country shed board. According … Read more

Nepal Strange Culture And ancient // Nepal //

The Culture And ancient of Nepal is made and distinctive. The Culture And ancient heritage of Nepal has evolved over the centuries. This multi-dimensional heritage encompasses the differences of Nepal’s ethnic, tribal, and social teams, and it manifests in music and dance, art and craft, traditional knowledge and folktales, languages, and literature. Nepal culture, festivals … Read more

Information for Nepal climate and weather

Nepal is that the range of mountains country. regarding eighty three of the land of Nepal is craggy and mountain and remainder of those is terai region. Terai region of Nepal occupies Revolutionary Organization 17 November of total land. And regarding fifty three of the whole population sleep in the Terai region. Nepal as a … Read more

About Nepal Agricultural Information // Nepal //

Nepal is the associate agricultural primarily based country. Country’s sizable amount of individuals counting on agriculture for his or her resource. Higher temperatures and changes in monsoon patterns create Nepal is one amongst the foremost climate-vulnerable countries within the world. Nepalese heavily depends on the agriculture sector as a method for employment and economic process. … Read more

Information The Nepalese Currency(NPR)

The Nepalese currency (NPR) came into use in 1932. Before this, the silver mohar was used for nearly three hundred years. Currency of Nepal nation, the tiniest unit of a Rupee, be named paisa. one paisa is adequate the centennial a part of one Rupee. Currency of Nepal nation is named Nepalese rupee. In Nepali … Read more

8 Highest Mountain list Only in Nepal

No:-1 Mount Everest Mount Everest’s strangest artifacts and objects, Mysteries of Mount Everest, Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountain at simply over eight,848 m (29,000) feet on top of see level. Mount Everest conjointly called Sagarmatha in Nepali. Chomolungma in Tibetan, Zhumulangma in Chinese is Earth’s highest mountain on top of water level, set … Read more