How To Improve Our Self Esteem And Self Confidence?

Hey, for your Edgern here talking to you today about self-esteem. I’m going to give you some quick ways, simple kinds of unconventional ways to rectify low self-esteem. So let’s roll the logo, sting and crack on. Low self-esteem comes from beliefs, you believe things about yourself which are unflattering, they cause negative emotions.

You think you’re worthless, you think you are unworthy, incapable and attractive, witty, etc. All of these things are illusory. All of these things are concepts. They are not you. Even self esteem, high self-esteem and low self-esteem are both kind of illusory concepts anyway. High self-esteem is any self-esteem whatsoever.

Is taking all these ideas good, bad, happy, sad, positive, negative to be who you are. And all these concepts in reality don’t actually exist. Where are they? Look around. You don’t see them anywhere, do you, in your direct experience. But if you’re going to have any self-esteem whatsoever, let’s make it at least a little bit more positive.

If you’re feeling pretty dodgy about yourself and I’ve got some three three ways I’m going to help you do that. Kind of unconventional as well. No. Watch for your thoughts arising. Mindfulness meditation, all of this stuff helps. Just watch thoughts arise and pass away. Notice that you are not the author of your thoughts.

Try to stop thinking for 30 seconds and you cannot do it. Try to be happy about every single situation that occurs in your life. You can’t do it. Youth. Your thoughts are not as much created by you as the dog barking in the distance or the sound of the plane going overhead. Thoughts are just part of your experience.

They don’t mean anything. They don’t mean anything about who you are. They just rise and fall. And all that’s happening in the moment is you are giving power to the thoughts that arise in that, say, worthlessness. There are thoughts coming up that tell you you’re where you’re not paying attention to those.

So all you are all I invite you to do is just sit back in your experience, practice a bit of mindfulness and watch these thoughts rise and fall. Realize that you are none of none of what these thoughts say you are, just the awareness that watches it all happen. You are pure, unchanging. You are not worthless.

You are not worthy. These are just ideas, concepts illusory. You are just the thing that’s aware of both of them rising and falling in manifestation. No, to laugh at yourself, see the great game of life as being something that you play because you enjoy it. There is great inner power to be gained when you laugh at situations that are deemed unfavorable, mental, emotional, physical and otherwise simply just laugh.

And you notice that these mental emotional states have a lot less power over you. Give it a bit of a giggle and see how you feel. See if you can’t just for a split second notice the great dream, the big game of reality for what it is. Just for a flash. That flash, maybe you need number three. I’ve got some notes. I’m taking notes I haven’t needed until now.

Trust yourself

Relax, relax the judgment and relax the comparison of all kinds of forms of each other anyway. So how do you know what the means were? How do you know what attractive means? How do you know what he means? You only know it because if it’s the opposite what is witty, it’s the absence of being witty. What is good is the absence of being bad.

What is happy is the absence of being sad. You only know this because there’s some sort of yin yang comparison between the two. So you only feel unworthy because you are comparing yourself to other people or previous forms of yourself and feeling unworthy by comparison to these states in these things.

However, every single moment, the present moment in every conceivable way is unique. It is just it just is it’s not is compared to that or is when held up against that or judged or etc. Just sit in your present moment and realize that every single moment is entirely unique and is ceaselessly changing and it will never be the same as the previous moment.

So when you relax this judging apparatus that exists within you somewhere, you actually begin to accept yourself and your present experience as it is, rather than comparing it to what it isn’t. I mean, low self esteem in general is comparison. If you didn’t compare or judge the situation, you wouldn’t feel low self esteem either. Low self esteem is an issue. It’s judging.

It’s taking all of these concepts and ideas of being unworthy and all these other words you can think of and thinking they actually have some basis in reality that you’re experiencing. Look around you. Where is good, where is worthless, where are these things? It’s all in your mental capacity. It’s all in the thought process, which is illusory in nature.

And bonus tip, a little bonus tip is it’s kind of a quote taken from what you all the university, what the entire goings on of everything. You are as much a part of the universe as a tree growing as the formation of stars in the galaxies. You are as much an integral part of reality as water flowing. And we wouldn’t judge these things in nature. We wouldn’t say that that tree’s growing wrong.

Those stars are arranged properly, that water is not flowing correctly. We wouldn’t judge these things, would we? So why do we feel so compelled to judge ourselves, understand that? Your insecurities, imperfections, little neuroses and all the whole package of you is as much a unique expression of the entire totality of the universe of reality as the flowing water.

The stars and the trees growing, you were as much a part of everything as these things. So you are just the way the universe reality is deciding to express itself. Take it easy, realize that you are not anything you want on your word. You don’t need anything you can speak of. You are just the witness to experience peace and presence to you very well.

Always self esteem

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