Why Doing Meditation // Why Meditation Is The Must//

This is the 21st  century, here people are most doing time to practice meditation. In this world with a population of a billion , now millions of millions of people are practicing meditation. This is happening for the primary time in human history.

Now, there are a lot of reasons why people are doing meditation.  People are meditation to come out of mental problems. is meditation for peace of mind. If I want to tell you in one word, the people have their own different-different region, to meditation.

But except for that reason, the purpose of meditation is something else. Even people are  now in meditation to earn more money. Business people doing 15 minute meditation daily are getting more and more money, this has been certified. Students who meditate 15 minutes daily.

He brings good marks in studies which have been recorded. It seems that meditation is working along every way. Meditation is working in every way of life. But none of these is the  purpose of meditation. The main purpose of the meditation is to attain enlightenment.

To gain enlightenment, and inside this knowledge is the knowledge of the past life. Inside this knowledge, the other has knowledge of the pyre. And knowledge of my own mind is to happen, do I know who I am?

Hence, that main purpose of meditation is to attain enlightenment. The question comes, now what is the purpose of this knowledge? Why do we need knowledge? Knowledge has a purpose, The purpose of enlightenment is, to be completely free from all suffering.

Hence, the ultimate purpose of meditation is free from all suffering. Man is trapped in his own mental bondage, And to be freed from this mental bondage is the greatest liberation. Therefore the purpose of the meditation is to be free in itself.

After then people, after getting liberated from themselves, feel blissful for the first time. But it does not end there, like the sky never ends. The people have a body, People have a mind and people continue roams from body to mind, mind to  body.

My body is mine and my mind is additionally mine. But what people don’t know and don’t understand, There is a source of mind and body, that’s called soul. And from that soul, which never becomes a burden for a man. Whereas our entire body is governed by this.

Our body becomes a dead corpse on the day the soul leaves us. We do not  know that thing. We know our body, we know our mind, Wisdom is known, emotion is known. But the basic point of all this, we do not know our enlightenment.

Therefore the ultimate aim of meditation is to be finished with enlightenment. Then here comes the question. What is all this saying, what does it mean?  Like, We build a house with walls from all four sides. And the reason for this wall is that the infinite sky becomes 10 feet.

The sky is infinite. Whatever we go on a walk, our life ends but the sky does not end. like this, infinity sky If we made a prisoner Inside the wall? It becomes a prisoner of 15 feet 10 feet. Similarly, our infinite happiness, our peace, all that thing ,in the ideal wall, In the spirit wall, stumble into the body wall.

So even if people make lots of progress, throughout life he does not get peace. Because he stumbles again and again. He sometimes stumbles on the ideas wall,  sometimes the spirit wall, sometimes the family wall.

Because he  imprisoned the infinite sky in 10 feet and sits, which is called the house.If you break this wall, then the 10 feet sky will become an infinite sky. Similarly, people have infinite peace, infinite love, infinite happiness and infinite knowledge, who’s stopping this?

The wall of the same spirit to, the wall of the same idea and the wall of the  same body stopping. Now you have to get out of all this. The one who is controlling us, came out. like, breaking the wall, the 10 feet sky became an infinite sky.

So if I removed the idea, because of the meditation’s main purpose is to break the chain of ideas, imagination, dream and feeling, and come out. It is called independent. Because I am not inside anyone, dream, idea, imagination and feeling.

After being free from there, people. As much as it is people in the world, It is understood that they share the same soul. Just like you and my sky are the same. Maybe yours and my room are different. But your sky and my sky are not different.

Your mind and my mind are different. your emotional and my emotional are different, body are different but our sky is same. Your soul and my soul are not different. If you understand this, you do not have it inside, I am inside you and inside me you. This is the ultimate purpose of meditation.

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