What are our life’s first and last obstacles? || You Should Be Understood ||

Whether it has been in your past, or you’re presently facing an associate degree obstacles, we tend to all ought to touch upon them. Although unpleasant, these obstacles that come back our method are necessary for growth.

If we tend to never have to face any adversities, blockers, setbacks or failures in life, our experiences would be cake! We’d have it straightforward.

So, in theory, having to face obstacles in life is really fascinating. The additional obstacles you’ve faced, the larger the probability that you are simply or quite mature and flexible. Though, not everybody tackles obstacles sky-high, and heads on.

Some individuals head to nice lengths to avoid them. Or enter denial concerning their existence. And, others let obstacles overwhelm them, and that they feel defeated. Here is a small story about obstacles.

One  king meets another king. When he goes to meet, he takes a pair of  falcons  as a gift. Because that king was very fond of falcons.  So the king wanted to make him happy by giving him falcons. The king found the falcons and became very happy.

The falcons are not big yet, small is small. It needs training now, Have to teach it to fly. To fly means to come up and down in your gesture. This is what this training means.

Hence, the king sent both the falcons for training. A matter of a few days. The man who gave training to the falcons, the man goes in front of the king.

And he said , I trained well on one falcon. When you say that time flies when you say it comes down in that time. As I said, this does it right. If I speak, he flies. If I speak to sit, he is a sit.

If I speak to eat, he eats. I train from all sides.  But another falcon I  cannot even blow a tree out of it.  Whatever food has to give, he remains seated at the foot.

No matter how much he shouts, he doesn’t fly. What should I do, King? And the king found another trainer, But even that did not happen. And the king changed 2-3 trainers but that didn’t happen. Nobody could get blown away by that.

And finally the king announced. There is such a person in my country who can fly my falcon. I am going to reward him a lot more.  And a normal boy comes, the village boy comes.

Give this work to me, I can blow it away normally just now. Which did not happen to bigger people which didn’t happen to falcons trainers. Can you do this?  Yes, king I can do. Okay, let’s go.

Obstacles tree cut

We can also see. After that, the king, some people, and the man, goes to that place where the falcons train. When those people went there, both falcons were sitting on the tree.

king, I need the one weapon. What? If you try to kill him? No, no. After that the king  gives weapons to him. And started cutting trees and fell down. If the tree (obstacles) is cut, there will be no sit there.

He was not flying even when he was cutting his trees. Was sitting there only. Finally the tree fell down and the falcon started flying. Then the whole people started clapping.

Because that  tree is obstacles. So we are all like that falcon. We have the power to fly, and were born with wings. We could also fly but we cannot fly the whole people. Why are we not flying because we are getting food for free in the tree?

Gambling is feared because of the family. Now I got to eat free. That so we didn’t think of anything new. You don’t even have to think. The parents build the house. He gives the same house to the rent and has to think, I will eat with the same rent.

We think, do not need to work. Because there are no trees (obstacles). So if we want to fly, then do we want to reach that destination? We are born to be something, and this comes from birth.

like, The  falcon is born with wings, we too are born with something. But our mouths getting food for free and getting gold for free, This thing  big betrays us.

That so local people are no more rich in the world. Who people come from outside takes complete possession. They will  be earned, and will be forward. That people are rich.

Because those people cut down the tree and come.  But the local people sit holding the tree(obstacles). Such a condition is all over the world. Local public cannot develop itself because they can’t cut the tree(obstacles).

Therefore, the life of the entire man is the same. Great men have also come forward to drop the tree somewhere. They dropped trees (obstacles)and became great men.

So remember, What is your tree (obstacles)?  What are your obstacles? It’s drop today. make a plan, and resolve, and wait. One day I will drop this tree. As long as it is the tree, our wings have nothing to do. If you cut your tree (obstacles), you can become an easily successful life.

Fear And Greed One Thing Is Understood-The Other Is Understood By Oneself



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