Emotional Intelligence || The Art Of Speaking Confidently In Front Of Others

If you don’t talk, If others do not understand your point, Nobody picks you up. To be successful in the world, you have to speak very well. Business or artists, everyone has to speak well. Be a man of any field, Because one must have the courage to speak. There should be power in the heart and not in the mind.

The best talker in the world, The best talker in human history among the people who speak one is still known today. And for people who want to talk well even today, and who want to be good, people are studying them. Was doing it at that time, and will continue to do it later also. So much influence of this Demosthenes is.

Demosthenes was born in Greece in the 4th century. And this is the man to know as the best talking man in the world. How was his childhood? Did he bring arts with the born, how to talk well? Did he have so much intelligence? No, he was nothing intelligent to speak, time to be born.

He did not have any intelligence, how to talk well. Yet he is known as the greatest speaker man of the world. Best thing of all, he used emotional intelligence. He did not have art to speak. The other was art. Therefore, we do not have any intelligence. There is no need to take tension about this. Finding out what is second intelligent is very important.

If you do not have the intelligence to speak. No, do not sit by speaking. What is the second one?  You have to find it.  He did a second intelligence by doing so, emotional intelligence. The surprising thing is that! The time of speaking, Used to bok-bok while speaking.

Can you imagine:; The best speaking man in history. Not any time now, he used to bok-bok since childhood. The man who bok-bok in speaking time, a normal man, who is afraid to speak normally and who finds it difficult to speak. The man can transform into the best-spoken person. How is it coming? It comes from emotional intelligence.

In Greece, a lot of people had to speak in front of them at that time. The people used to speak there. Speaking well is more important in  politics, the politician has to. And he too had the interest of being a politician since childhood.  He had dreams of becoming the country’s greatest politician since childhood. And the country had a dream to end the whole problem.

And to bring it to the public to fulfill the dream.  To change the country, one weapon is needed in politics. What’s that? That’s to speak. If you don’t talk, If others do not understand your point, Nobody picks you up. To be successful in the world, you have to speak very well. If you want to go up? Your idea, your feeling, Do not cheat others.

You give your opinion while giving respect to others. Raise yourself by lifting others, this is the way to speak. art is required for that. For whom Demosthenes was listening to others very well. He used to listen well. And read about those people. After doing all this one day He was excited.

And he goes to the meeting. It is necessary to speak. Otherwise nobody recognizes me. I cannot be a politician if I am not recognized. For this he took courage. He was bol-bok. Because whatever he is, he had to be a politician. After that he went to the meeting and everyone welcomed him.

But when he started speaking, everyone started laughing clearly, Blew them all around. And one man did it very badly, the heart hurts,;  Hey idiot; Must have a powerful heart to speak, not a  brain. That thing, he once felt like being hit by a full bullet.

Greatest speaker

What he listened to, he listened to right? Because speak should have a strong heart, not brain.  He was badly defeated, Was very Insulted. He then returned home crying. The insult he ate now. This became a gift not a problem for him. That is the turning point of his life and found a way to go up.

Because he got insulted from others. That was a good analysis for him. That  became like an indirect master to him. Because to speak it must be heartfelt. Which does not have a good container for speaking, nothing new. And it’s time to speak, can’t you explain the other one? That is a useless thing.

He came to know here. AA! My problem is here. how many well-wishers he had, no one understood  that weakness. The weakness was not recognizing his master, The man caught that weakness. There must be power in the heart to speak.

A man who is successful has to face problems. The larger the problem is the power to rise. Because small problems have no effect. Then he  then vowed until I could not speak well, I would not come out. All this does not happen by speaking. This is our heart, this changes. The habit of going out. Adopted a measure to stop him.

So he removed half his hair to his head. Can’t come out after taking out half hair. He stayed inside for many months. He kept talking from morning to night after alone. It is not necessary to be a man to speak.  Mirror also runs. And that thing haunts him again and again. There must be power in the heart to speak. Now a brain.

And daily and goes out in the morning and goes to the sea. And shouted loudly with the rays of the sun. This was his daily work. It did not fill his heart. It did not feel good for her to talk alone in the room, and shouting loudly near the sea. And he Plus other thing again. Speaking by putting the stone inside the mouth.

Your last exam was necessary, Speaking by stone and knife inside the mouth. And he used to talk very carefully. Because there was a knife. He first talked to Careful and later talked no careful.  Now he has become confident, I can speak. There is stone, nothing to worry,  there is a knife, nothing to worry.  I have crossed the entire problem.

And then he came to the meeting again. And he made such a speech- such a speech, The whole people started clapping. Not sitting, the  whole man got up, Started clapping. First there was insult. Now, whole people started giving you respect there. The man’s name is Demosthenes.

Remember, he did not bring art, how to speak well, when he was born. But he had emotional intelligence. That means turning your emotions into power. He did it. What does it end up being for spoiled people? When people suffer, they hurt themselves. And someone dies and someone pierces himself.

If you use emotional intelligence? This is the chance to work.  And iron does not heat up on another time. The iron has to work in the heat. If iron heated time is not working, then it does not become a weapon.

And I was also hurt by someone me, someone suffering me, someone insulting me, at that same time we have to be determined. And our new life begins with that determination. Like Demosthenes did.

If the man who bol-bok could be the greatest speaker man in the history of the world, what can’t a people be? Only iron should be hit at the time of heating.

Emotional intelligence

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