Our Goal And Four Thing You Should n’t Share To Normal People

If you want a happy and successful life, then you should not tell anyone about it. This is psychological truth. What has been confirmed by the investigation. Here five things you should n’t share  to other people 

1:- Our Goal 

Don’t share your goals with anyone, Because everyone has a goal in childhood. But he shares the goal with everyone, Opens its goal to everyone. This goal is often not achieved by opening it thoroughly. 

As evidenced by research What is his goal?  When we open everyone our goal, the big goal. When we share our goal that time also we get more happy. 

Because I am a different man than others. I am not less than anyone. I have such a big goal, and different objectives. The thing that I would share with my friend. Then at the same time my chemical has been released and I’m becoming happy already.

When I became happy already, then my goal didn’t motivate me and didn’t inspire me. Because even after achieving that goal, I have to become happy. That happiness is already there.  When we speak of giving surprises, I surprise my friends.

There is something more fun to surprise you. That surprise, that goal, that fun does not occur before sharing it to another. After that we stop working towards our goal. Most people leave that goal and go to another goal. And he again opens his goal. Because he does not know that his goal is not to share with other people. 

Then make a goal, that too is not met. Make a second goal, that also is not met. Because he has told his goals to everyone. Then he does not Enthusiasm it. He’s goal enthusiasm slowly goes to die. Thus with increasing age, he is not interested in any big goal.

After that, he is bound to sit as a normal man by doing normal job normal business. Therefore, our goal is not to share it with anyone. There are people we can share to be our goal. It is also necessary to tell someone. No one should tell, The meaning of that should n’t share to common people.

But my mentor is my guide, who can guide you much need to tell him. People make two mistakes, One opens his goal, second does not share his goal with anyone. Someone has to share special teacher mentors. Share with these people what happens? 

Is there anything wrong with my goal? The system is not good, the task of correcting that mistake, to make me good this work is done by the teacher and mentor, and motivator. So, generally, one should not share our goals with anyone. But even if we do not tell the particular person, our goal is not complete.


The second thing that we should not tell anyone, our weakness. We  increased our friend’s and after we start to tell our weaknesses quickly.  When we start to tell your weakness to others, then a new man who’s vision of seeing you becomes different  from the before.

Now, what does that man understand? This man looked good to me, Seemed right. Is different from me.He is also like me. After that the man’s behavior to you becomes different. That behavior is not respectful. Therefore, men who want to live with respect, It hurts there. Hence, if we will tell our weakness to everyone, then we do not get any respect.

The other way of truth. Then it also happens here that we must important tell our weakness to someone. Like going to a teacher, mentor and parents. It is definitely necessary to go along with the man who gives you guidance, to tell our  weakness. If you do not open your weakness there too?

Our heart aches more, increases. That cannot make a loss. And to reduce that suffering, we must share our weakness with special people. If you cannot open your weakness even in front of people, who gives you love, Who guides you, then you can go into depression. So with whom you have to share your weakness, do not have to be with it. It is very important to know this.

3:-Economic condition

Third thing which is, something that we should not tell anyone ( Economic condition). Every person has different-different is own economic condition in this world. And When we meet a new person, our friends, if you share economic conditions the same to same.

After that, you do not see what people saw before. Because money is the number. When you share your economic system with others. What does that man think at that time? If he has more money than you, then he does not count you. He stops giving you respect.

If he has less money than you? He sometimes gives you a lot of trouble to borrow money. Hence, you may face problems from both sides. Therefore, you should understand a third thing. We should not share our economic condition with others.this is like before. a man who loves you. Who is greater than you who guides you.

If we pening in front of them, the people suggest  to you, get helpful.  But if you share with normal people then you have to face difficulties from both sides. There was a third thing.

4:-Family problem

Do not share your family’s weakness with anyone outside. If you share your family’s weakness by going outside? Then outside people, the way you evaluate them becomes different.

You are not seen with respect the same before. There is a fight in this family, family has a weakness. If the family is weak then you are also weak. like this other people evaluate. Therefore, you do not have to share the weakness of the family with anyone outside.


If someone has a lack of weakness, And if we have to show that lack of weakness or Need to tell. To the people concerned, said Honestly. That person can accept, That person can be true. Same things, if didn’t telling the people concerned, told the third man. Then Your honesty and respect ends forever.

Whom you told, that person will also tell his friend. One ear, two ears and full ears. And from where it started, it stops there itself. If you want to praise, don’t  praise him in front. If you want to praise, Praise from behind. If you want to have a happy and successful life.

When  the man is not present, So you praise him more. If you want to criticize, do it in front of him.  Because to criticize him in front, There can be a quarrel once. But the thing ends at the same time there. If he criticizes from the back, he can get a lot of abuse from behind. The result, people, will not let you succeed and will not let you be happy.

Now, you have to add to this 5 formula. What is success and happiness? To be successful, you must first be happy, and make others happy. The science of success means the science of making others happy. If you want to be knowledgeable and free. You do not need anyone. You should do the means yourself.

No:, If you want to be successful? Success will not be achieved by oneself, others will make it. So in order to be successful, we have to keep everyone happy all time. So to keep others happy, The above 5 formulas are very important.

If you are not using those five formulas. If you do not understand that thing? We cannot let others be happy. And if other people are not happy then it does not make us happy. After that nobody gives us a chance to succeed.

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 Our goal Should n't Share To Normal People

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