Problem leads to paradise || Real story legend from 25 years ago.

A dangerous thief was being taken for execution. it was too crowded to see the gallows. Because at that time I used to hang out in public places. The whole people were looking through the window. The road was very crowded. And a rich family beautiful girl goes to see him. The thief was very handsome, attractive and looked very powerful.

And that girl’s heart dwells in that thief. There are not so many handsome and so powerful men in this city. she was thinking  inside the heart. The daughter of such a rich father whose gender was up to the king. And that girl  Controversy with her father that I have to marry this boy.

Can you imagine:-  There is a thief who is going to be hanged. And a rich family girl who is about to hang in the gallows hurries to marry the thief. Her father keeps thinking about the matter. That was also necessary. There is too much talk, There is a lot of controversy and there is a fight.

And that girl’s father loses in the end. Because nothing went in front of him. If his only daughter gets married, he will die if not with him. If Better than the daughter dying, Married with her then at least she will be alive. Therefore, the father is forced to become ready for marriage.

Now, the reason for the link coming too high is to forgive the thief’s punishment and marry him with pomp. Shortly after marriage the thief speaks of his wife. Let’s go for a visit on the hill. When the wife was just married, her body was full of  Jewel and both out to roam. At the same time, the thief’s heart changes, because he’s a thief. Because he is born a thief, His job is to steal.

That’s why the wife of such a big rich family, Even after getting so much property and The biggest thing was that he was prevented from hanging. Still his eyes not on the girl going duty to his jeweler. Have the thief been thinking that he will take the girl to visit the hill and I will run away  taking her jewel, after pushing her from there. Because the girl dies.

The thief was moving with the same idea but the girl came to know about the same time. Because the girls were clever, they were courageous. So the girl gets the signal and he throws the boy from there and kills him. What he did not want to happen in his life became the biggest event. No one likes the sad incident that happened.


Then the same event changes a lot in a people’s life. Become paradise. Someone is positive, then someone gets a negative change. When the situation and time betrayed us. When the same time and its situation opens a new path for us. That path can also be upward, may also be going down. A choice is your brain, here your brain plays a greater role. Have you stressed your brain with emotion, then there is a greater role of emotion.

Problem leads to paradise

Now that girl’s love for boys  is gone forever all time. That is change. the thief was about to be killed, I saved them. But he got ready to kill me. Boys have no faith, Life has no faith. When the world’s trust runs out. And for the first time in life, events happen, Your inner confidence is awakened. If you do not believe yourself, then the man commits suicide. You can can’t lead to paradise.

But it is a matter of happiness that when the trust of the world breaks. A good path also opens up. Then the girl becomes a monk. Because there is no one in the world. All of that is an illusion. From time to time, man cheats people. Therefore, you should trust yourself. She did not become a monk after that.

That time was the time of Lord Buddha. But she did not go to Lord Buddha. Go and sit with the disciples. She had become a monk and had also gained knowledge. But his heart was not full. And one days she left the place. Because their whole way of life was closed. For that one has to open the way inside. When that path is not opened, it cannot sit there.

He knew, this world is not good. Now you will have to enter inside, otherwise you will have to kill. Therefore he could not sit it to the monk. So he went out to roam the whole world. big big  joins scholarly people with man, something learning and goes ahead. Still his heart was not filling.

She’s become more clever, got more information. And become more successful and lead to paradise. Meeting very learned people as they understand, she became stronger. Still his heart was not full. Because to understand the heart one has to go out of the heart. Not going out of heart right now.  That is why scholars used to meet with people whenever, used to discuss with him, After defeating him, he got power to go forward.

Meanwhile, Lord Gautama Buddha, the monk  who is freed, comes in the company of the people. But she lost in this controversy. If won, she had to go to another place. She was defeated and then surrendered. And said to make his monk.  After surrender she speaks with a laugh.


I am very happy to give you knowledge. But to give knowledge to you, there is a master above me whose name is Lord Gautam Buddha. So you go there. She then went to Lord Buddha. She became very emotional when seeing Lord Buddha. Because she had never seen dua such a wonderful Man in his life.

For this reason she became the first enlightened girl from the community of Buddha. Because he had more experience to attain the world. Her name is Bhadra Kundan Kesa. Mahapajapati Gotami. today also everyone deserves inspiration. Is an old legend from 25 years ago.  So the problem leads to paradise.

So we are thinking of something else in life but it is something else. We all have one own dream, but the dream  deteriorates, it is not like thinking. It is not as we thought. And when it is not as thought, then we suffer, come into depression and Someone also does suicide. Therefore, whatever was not to happen, the same thing became to benefit a lot.

For this we need to think. What is the benefit of that decrease, what is the benefit of that suffering, what is the benefit of depression? Just need to think only. Why is life not what we thought? People try to go east but are forced to go west. Those who want to go about the west side, come to the north-south. But some people stand in one place.

We search for something else in life. But in time and situation it gives us something else. But we can find more than what we were looking for. Just have to learn to take advantage of that thing. Have to write day and night, and I have to think. Have to pay attention every single time. And the Mahapajapati Gotami is open, the path opens automatically. leads to paradise.

To carry on this journey,  Lead to paradise. We have courage, Nobody dares to do it, I will do it. What happened is good or bad, not that thing. Whatever happened there, the way of inter journey was found. Now you have to take it further towards evil or to lead it to success and lead to paradise. It is all in your hands. So The ultimate purpose of every life is inter journey. To get free inside you. These 6 Signs Tell Your Destination || Life Is Going Successful Or Failure


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